Tough on Germs but Gentle on Gums

U Shaped Toothbrush

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► For Ages 4-6

► Give your kid's brushing time an upgrade with Little Joys U-Shaped Toothbrush.

► Designed in the shape of the mouth, it quickly reaches every tooth without any hassle.

► Made from soft silicone bristles, it cleanses your mouth without harming teeth and gums. Perfect for children and their developing teeth.

► Post cleansing, it doesn't leave any peculiar plastic-like after-smell on the brush or your mouth.

► Easy to hold and non-slip handle design makes it an ideal choice for your kids. The U-shape prevents choking.
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    Made with soft silicone bristles, it helps cleanse your little one's mouth without causing any gum damage.
    360° Cleansing

    360° Cleansing

    The uniquely shaped bristles help reach every corner of the teeth without harsh movements.
    No aftertaste or germs

    No aftertaste or germs

    Soft silicone makes it easy to avoid after-taste or germs on the brush or in your mouth.
    100% Safe

    100% Safe

    A child's teeth are the most sensitive of all. We understand that and have made this brush with Dubristles. Tough on germs, soft on gums.
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    How to Use

    Move the toothbrush left and right to clean the teeth
    How Shanaya uses her U-Shaped Toothbrush
    'Shanaya loves this toothbrush because it cleanses her teeth completely! We put some toothpaste around the U shape, Shanaya puts it in her mouth, and shakes the toothbrush from left to right! Unlike a regular toothbrush, this one moves from side-to-side. It’s a great experience!'
    How Shanaya uses her U-Shaped Toothbrush

    Questions you should be asking. Answers that we believe must be heard.

    What age can kids use normal toothbrush?

    Little Joys toothbrush is for ages 2 years and above.

    Where to apply toothpaste?

    You should apply the toothbrush to the U-shape, both sides.

    How long should my kid brush?

    You should brush for 2-3 minutes.

    Happy Kids, Honest Reviews

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    My kid enjoys brushing now

    The uniquely shaped brush is so easy to move inside the mouth.
    Shivika Jverified mark

    Super soft brush

    The fact that brush is so soft to use and comfortable to hold. My girl is now a fan of brushing time.
    Prerak Kverified mark

    Great product

    The U-shape makes it a relief for me. She can never choke on this!
    Rima Shahverified mark

    Question & Answers

    Q. Is Little Joys Toothbrush safe to use?A. Yes, Little Joys Toothbrush is safe to use.

    Hina Shahverified mark


    Q. Is this an electronic toothbrush?A. No, this is a manual toothbrush.

    Prisha Nverified mark


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