The ultimate ragi & bajra blend for kids age 5+ !

Protein Milkshake 5+ (Pack of 12)

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5️⃣ For 5+ years

🥛 Ready to drink Protein Milkshake to give your kid the taste + nutrition they need

💪🏼 Finish a bottle and let your kid feel the power of 8g of protein

⛔️ This tasty drink doesn't come with any artificial sugar.

🌾 Contains Ragi & Bajra for digestive health.

🍫 Tasty chocolate flavor will make sure your kid will ask for more!

🦠 Boosts immunity, strength & height growth

✅ 100% safe and free of Trans Fat, Artificial Colour and Refined Sugar

🧊 Refrigerate milkshake after opening and consume within 3-4 hours

No Side Effects | Paediatrician Recommended | Chocolate Flavoured | Gluten Free
  • Height GrowthHeight Growth
  • WeightWeight
  • Stronger Bones & TeethStronger Bones & Teeth
  • Brain HealthBrain Health
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Our paediatricians say: Ragi is a household name in India. Known for its high calcium and protein content, ragi is the perfect grain to mix into your kid's foods for maximum health.


Our paediatricians say: High in iron and rich in dietary fibres, bajra is an Indian millet superfood that reduces long term illnesses and is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Our paediatricians say: Jaggery, commonly known as gur in Hindi, is one of the best natural sweeteners. It helps in regulation of body temperature and detoxifies the body. It also prevents constipation and improves digestion.


Our paediatricians say: Let’s plan a fun playdate with dates! Our product is sweetened with date powder, which has a higher antioxidant content than sugar or honey!

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Kicking Sugar, Keeping Standards
No White Sugar
Gluten Free
100% Veg
No Preservatives
No Side effects

How to Use

Take everywhere. Sip anywhere.
How Ria uses Little Joys’ Protein Milkshake -
"My daughter loves her new healthy milkshake! She's a growing kid so I wanted to find something healthy. As a parent, I'm just thrilled that this has ingredients like ragi, bajra and jaggery and in a yummy chocolate form!"
How Ria uses Little Joys’ Protein Milkshake -

Questions you should be asking. Answers that we believe must be heard.

What age range is the Little Joys Protein Milkshake suitable for?

Protein Milkshake is suitable for every child of age 5 years & above.

Can I replace my child's meal with Protein Milkshake?

We suggest using Protein Milkshake as a supplement to a well-balanced diet. Protein Milkshake is not a replacement for a meal for children.

My kids eat a well-balanced diet. Do they still require Protein Milkshake?

Children often are picky about their eating habits and providing them with their daily nutritional requirements can become a task. Therefore, for supplementing their diet, Protein Milkshake is an excellent choice.

Happy Kids, Honest Reviews

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Excellent for travelling and very healthy

we are always travelling with our kids and this milkshake is the perfect thing to carry for them... whenever they are thirsty or want something to drink we give it and they get their protein. And it is very healthy! im a Big fan :)
Sandra Josephverified mark

Chocolate milk with protein twist. Yum!

Have been looking for some health drink or something for my sons because they both enjoy chocolate milk but all other milks have refined sugar. My sister suggested me this and they are loving it ! It has ragi bajra also which is great for me as a mom. Best is no white sugar, only jaggery part !
Anandita Sarinverified mark

Love the ragi and bajra for my sporty daughter

Wife sent me this link to buy for my daughter as she goes for sports classes and gets bored of drinking her water. I am very impressed with this product...super job. she is loving the taste; takes it for all her sports classes and shares with her friends. And wife is happy that she is getting all ragi and bajra in it without even knowing !
Faraz K.verified mark

Protein rich, chocolate flavour

I'm soooo happy I found this as doc was saying to give my daughter more and more protein but I wasn't sure how to since we are vegetarian. This milkshake is 100% vegetarian and contains all the proteins which is superb.
Sanjana T.verified mark

Healthiest alternative to drinks out there and amazingly yummy

Bought it 1 week ago and I am on my way to buy the next. Kids have polished it off in 2 days! It's a great healthy alternative to other milkshakes and packaged drinks. 11/10 to the team! I scored mommy points with my kids ;)
Kirthi Manchaverified mark

Question & Answers

Q. Protein Milkshake is suitable for what age range?A. Protein Milkshake is suitable for children 5 years and above.

Krina Shahverified mark


Q. Any side effects of Little Joys Protein Milkshake?A. There are no side effects of our milkshake. Your child’s safety is our top priority. Protein Milkshake contain superior ingredients backed by clinical research, in the exact dosage that your body needs.

Charmi Chawlaverified mark


Q. Is Protein Milkshake appropriate for boys and girls?A. Yes! Our powders are gender-friendly. Nutritionists suggest that boys and girls have similar nutritional needs through childhood and mid-teens. We recommend you consult your pediatrician for more information!

Richa Gandhiverified mark


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