Stainless Steel, 100% Leakproof, Odourproof & Safe

Sipper Water Bottle for Kids (270ml)

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Peppa Range
► For Ages 2-5

Keeping your kids hydrated just became Peppa-fied! Keep your kids asking for more water/juices with Little Joys Water Bottle. With 270ml capacity, it will keep your little one healthy and hydrated.

This stainless steel bottle is tough on the outside and inside! Hard to break and 100% leak proof, making it your kid's long-lasting partner.

Since the bottle is BPA-free, it will never leave behind an odour - fill anything without worrying about the bottle stinking post-wash!

This straw-sipper makes drinking easy for kids without worrying about spillage.

On the inside, it is double-walled and insulated, i.e. your drinks can stay how they were poured (hot or cold) for 10+ hours.
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    Fill. Sip. Repeat

    Temperature control

    Temperature control

    The double-walled insulated bottle ensures that anything you filled stays the way you first poured it for 10+ hours
    Drink without dropping

    Drink without dropping

    The staw ensures your kid doesn't spill liquid on their well-ironed clothes, making them look shabby.
    Easy to hold

    Easy to hold

    This ergonomically designed bottle makes it easier to hold. All this for a comfortable experience.
    100% Safe

    100% Safe

    This double-walled bottle ensures that however hot/cold the liquid is inside; your kid doesn't have to feel it.
    We love making new things in Grandpa Pig's garden with Peppa Pig, so we've teamed up to launch fun products for your little one's health and wellness.

    All our creations are expert-tested and parent-approved! We can't wait for you to join us on this journey!
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    Questions you should be asking. Answers that we believe must be heard.

    Can I fill very hot water?

    Yes, you can fill hot or cold water in this bottle.

    Is this microwave safe?

    No, this is a stainless steel bottle which isn't microware safe.

    Can I hand wash this with liquid soap?

    Yes, you can hand wash this bottle with liquid soap.

    Happy Kids, Honest Reviews

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    Good quality product

    I love the Peppa design! My kid doesn't seem to put it down.
    Shivika Boseverified-mark

    Loving this

    The straw is safe and soft for kids' teeth. It helps maintain temperature, making it very easy for me to pour hot water without feeling it on his hand.
    Pradeep Vermaverified-mark

    Fun product

    Finally something with stainless steel which is interesting enough for my kid. Thank you Little Joys.
    Sajal Shahverified-mark

    Question & Answers

    Q. Will washing it with soap affect the design?A. No, until you are not using a harsh scrubber, the designs shouldn't come off.

    Gaurish Sverified-mark


    Q. Can I mix the medicine and give it in this bottle? Will it leave a scent?A. This bottle is designed with BPA-free; though it won't leave behind a smell, we'd recommend washing the bottle and keeping it under the sun for 5-6 hours to get rid of the smell, if any, thoroughly.

    Heena Shahverified-mark


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