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Multivitamin Bites (30N) (Chocolate)

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👦🏽 For Ages 2-12

🍓Your kid is now going to love their multivitamins.

🍫 Our Multivitamin Chocolate is naturally sweetened by jaggery and contains 11 vitamins & minerals.

🌱 Contains Zinc for immunity, Vitamin D to improve bone health and Vitamin A for better eyesight.

💪🏼 Build your kid's immunity, strength and memory in this unique chocolate form!

⛔️ These Multivitamins contain zero white sugar and are naturally sweetened with jaggery, giving it a yummy chocolatey taste.

📺 Shaped like your favourite TV character: Peppa Pig!

30 Chocolates | No refined sugar | Paediatrician Recommended
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    Product equivalence
    Vitamin B12Vitamin B12

    Found in: Fish, meats, milk, egg yolk etc.

    Form: Cyanocobalamin

    Amount: 2.2 mcg

    Our paediatricians says: Vitamin B12 is our supermineral. It turns food into energy, which in turn fuels brain development and growth. Most natural B12 is found in animal sources and this is especially good for vegetarians and vegans! As a supermineral, we supply 100% of the recommended serving.

    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D2Vitamin D2

    Found in: Fish, mushrooms, cheese, egg yolks etc.

    Form: Cholecalciferol (vegetarian source lichen)

    Amount: 600 IU

    Our paediatricians say: Vitamin D2 is a very underrated mineral for growing children. Your kids may grow out of their clothes, but they'll never grow out of good old natural minerals. For parents with picky children - slip our supplements into their chocolate milk, they'll never know!

    Vitamin D2
    Vitamin AVitamin A

    Found in: Carrots, Green leafy vegetables and Eggs

    Form: Retinol palmitate

    Amount: 510 mcg

    Our paediatricians say: Around here we have a saying: Vitamin A keeps the eye-doctors away! And yet it’s amongst the most common deficiencies in preschool children, affecting 62% of kids. For 100% health, we give you 100% of the recommended serving!

    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B9Vitamin B9
    Found in: Spinach, Kiwi, Nuts, Egg yolk, etc.

    Form: Dietary folate

    Amount: 102 mcg

    Our paediatricians say: Folates are important for several functions in the brain and body including the proper formation of the nervous system. Our product supplies approx. 75% of Vitamin B9 RDA per serving.
    Vitamin B9
    Vitamin EVitamin E

    Found in: Sunflower Oil, Almonds, Spinach, Kiwi etc.

    Form: Alpha-tocopherol

    Amount: 5 mg

    Our paediatricians say: Are your child's eyes feeling exhausted from all the screens? Vitamin E protects against long-term eye damage, supports eyesight and safeguards the immune system. Say bye to tired eyes!

    Vitamin E

    Found in: Meat, Legumes, Milk, Eggs, etc.

    Form: Zinc citrate

    Amount: 1 mg

    Our paediatricians say: Zinc is one of those rare minerals that’s great all around for your child’s health, including their attention span, motor development, height and weight. Move aside, energy drinks! There’s a new hero on the block.


    Found in: Spinach, Mushrooms, Nuts, Meat, etc.

    Form: Ferrous fumarate

    Amount: 2 mg

    Our paediatricians say: Our bodies uses iron to make haemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. Our iron-packed gummies will have your little ones turned into superheroes!

    When chocolate was first created, it was made of entirely natural ingredients. Over time, the cocoa got diluted with heavy amounts of sugar and palm oil, making it an unhealthy, guilty indulgence.

    But why feel guilty? We want to go back to chocolate the way it should be eaten for our kids. Our chocolate is sweetened with jaggery and has absolutely ZERO refined sugar or palm oil!
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    Kicking Sugar, Keeping Standards
    No White Sugar
    100% Veg
    No Chemicals
    No Preservatives
    No Side effects

    How to Use

    How Priya eats her Little Joy’s Multivitamin Chocolate
    "My 4-year-old is so obsessed with chocolates that I have to hide them from her. I thought this natural Multivitamin Chocolate might be a good replacement, and I wasn't wrong. I'm happy she's is not spoiling her health while eating these. The vitamins and minerals makes me want to say yes to chocolate everyday. She gets her taste, and I get nutrients in her without any fuss."
    How Priya eats her Little Joy’s Multivitamin Chocolate

    FAPQs (Frequently Asked Parents Questions)

    What age range is the Little Joys Multivitamin Chocolate suitable for?

    It is suitable for children 2 years and above.

    Why is the chocolate naturally sweetened?

    Dates and jaggery have low Glycemic Index, contain fiber and are rich in micronutrients such as magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. They go through minimal processing before they are used in our product, whereas sugar and jaggery are far more refined, contain very low fiber, and have a higher Glycemic index.

    Happy Kids, Honest Reviews

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    A vitamin my kid will eat!

    Finally found a vitamin for my picky 4 year old. He refused chewables and gummies, so I was at my wits end with choices then I saw an ad for these and gave them a try. Now he can't wait to take his vitamins!
    Shubh Kaurverified-mark

    Best naturally sweetened chocolate!

    Best in taste and tastes delicious so kids can easily have it and get the benefits of multi vitamins. Naturally sweetened with jaggery!
    Jai Singhverified-mark

    Packed with so many nutrients..

    It is so many nutrients packed in a bar of chocolate. Unbelievable and a lifesaver supplement for my kid. I bribe my kids with this, and they love it.
    Hiren Mehtaverified-mark

    Question & Answers

    Q. Can my 2 year old child have it?A. Yes, Little Joys multivitamin chocolate is suitable for children 2 years and above.

    Jeet Senverified-mark


    Q. Is this okay for diabetics to consume?A. Yes, it is ok for anyone to consume in moderation, however since the product contains natural sugars, it's advisable to consult one's doctor before consuming any product, to minimise risk.

    Geeta Sodhaniverified-mark


    Q. How are naturally sweetened chocolates different?A. Naturally sweetened chocolate are sweetened with jaggery and dates, that are naturally sweet and vitamins and minerals, whereas regular chocolates are either sweetened with harmful artificial sweeteners or with refined sugar.

    Chetan Shahverified-mark


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