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Paediatrician Developed Healthy & Tasty Combo for Kids

Eye Health Gummies (30N) & NutriMix (350g)

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The perfect combination for Eye Health & Growth!

► Finding your little ones on their screens all day? Nourish their eyes with our eye vitamin gummies made of amla & bilberry to protect them from damage.

► Our NutriMix is naturally sweetened with jaggery. It contains Ragi, Bajra & Oats for digestive health and Moong Dal, Brown Rice & Peas (plant based natural protein) to fuel a child’s growing body.
The protein content is equivalent to 3 bowls of dal and includes almonds, walnuts, chia and flax seeds

No Side Effects | Pediatrician Recommended
  • Height GrowthHeight Growth
  • Excess digital screen exposureExcess digital screen exposure
  • Dry EyesDry Eyes
  • Stronger BonesStronger Bones
  • Brain HealthBrain Health
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