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Eye Health Gummies (30N) Pack of 2

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► For Ages 2-12
► Flavour: Orange

► Worried about your child’s screen time?
Our eye vitamin gummies will protect from damage caused by digital eye strain, eye fatigue, dry eyes and headaches.

► Includes vitamin A, amla, vitamin C and Lutemax® 2020 (patented ingredient).

► Made with 0 added sugar, 4 vitamins & minerals and 4 fruits & veggies.

30 Gummies | No side effects | Paediatrician Recommended
  • Screen Time ExposureScreen Time Exposure
  • Eye HealthEye Health
  • Dry EyesDry Eyes
  • Sleep QualitySleep Quality
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Eye Health Gummies (30N)
Eye Health Gummies (30N)
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Screen Time Exposure

Screen Time Exposure

Lutemax® 2020 absorbs light energy and protects your kiddos eyes from harmful blue light from digital screens & headaches.
UV Light Protection

UV Light Protection

Vitamin A is vital for eye health and protection from the sun’s rays.
Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Itchy eyes? Our DHA, zinc, and other natural ingredients like amla extract help prevent dry eyes or conjunctivitis.
Sleep Quality

Sleep Quality

DHA + Bilberry = improve eye health, and so naturally better sleep! A little joy and a lot of relief for the whole family.
Vitamin AVitamin A

Found in: Kale, Carrots, Squash.

Form: Retinol palmitate

Amount: 510 mcg

Our paediatricians say: Eyes have an outside covering (the cornea) that protects it from damage. But sometimes it can get worn out from too much screen time! Vitamin A is here to save your kids day.

Vitamin A
Lutemax® 2020Lutemax® 2020

Found in: Green leafy vegetables

Form: Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Amount: 25 mg (Lutein 5 mg and Zeaxanthin 1 mg)

Our paediatricians say: As screen time increases, consumption of lutein and zeaxanthin should too! Lutemax 2020, a patented ingredient, contains nutrients that protects eyes from too much screen-time.

Lutemax® 2020
Vitamin CVitamin C

Found in: Oranges, Amla, Strawberry, etc.

Form: Ascorbic acid

Amount: 20 mg

Our paediatricians say: Kids distracted by their devices and forget to eat their oranges? No problem! Our gummies have enough Vitamin C to keep them healthy and protect their eyes from the screens they’re glued to!

Vitamin C
Vitamin EVitamin E

Found in: Sunflower Oil, Almonds, Spinach, Kiwi etc.

Form: Alpha-tocopherol

Amount: 5 mg

Our paediatricians say: Are your child's eyes feeling exhausted from all the screens? Vitamin E protects against long-term eye damage, supports eyesight and safeguards the immune system. Say bye to tired eyes!

Vitamin E

Found in: Meat, Legumes, Milk, Eggs, etc.

Form: Zinc citrate

Amount: 1 mg

Our paediatricians say: Your kid may love to have fun in the sun, but too much of it can sometimes be harmful! So you need melanin for protection! How to get it? Zinc! It helps create melanin in the body to keep your eyes shielded and protected.

Vegan Algal DHAVegan Algal DHA

Found in: Flaxseed, Shellfish, Salmon, and Tuna

Form: Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Amount: 15 mg

Our paediatricians say: Have you met our nutritional all-rounder? Enter DHA. It helps in the eye’s oil production for tears, reducing dry eyes and inflammation!

Vegan Algal DHA
Kicking Sugar, Keeping Standards
No Added Sugar
100% Veg
No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Side effects

How to Use

One gummy a day, for kids 2 years or older
How Aryan uses Little Joy’s Eye Gummies -
"My five-year old is obsessed with his eye gummy and cannot do without it! He rushes to the gummy cabinet every morning before school starts. It’s one of his favourite rituals now and thankfully one that I’m happy about- I mean which parent wouldn’t be? He’s getting all the nourishment he needs for healthy eyes”
How Aryan uses Little Joy’s Eye Gummies -

Questions you should be asking. Answers that we believe must be heard.

What age range is Little Joys Eye Gummies suitable for?

Little Joys Eye Gummies are suitable for every child of age 2 years & above.

How are Little Joys Eye Gummies different from market products?

Our unique combination of nutrients like Lutemax and a strong blend of plant extracts like Bilberry and amla aids in better vision in kids. We also have natural ingredients like carrots, orange juice, spinach & strawberry to keep your eye health in check.

How will Little Joys Eye Gummies help my child’s eye health?

50% of children in India may need assistance through eye glasses. Poor retina health can cause frequent headaches, reduced focus, and deteriorating health. Children with poor eyesight are more likely to suffer from poor academic performance and school absenteeism. At Little Joys, we want to create clean and clinical products to help protect the eyes from harmful sun rays and harsh blue light that is emitted from digital screens. Our products are made from natural and scientifically proven ingredients and contain no sugar!

Happy Kids, Honest Reviews


Lovely packaging..

My daughter has spectacles since she was 5. I have been looking for some fun eye supplements for her that also provide the required nutrients. Glad to have found LJ Eye gummies! They have such a cute packaging, my daughter loves the teddy shaped gummies.
Arti Salviverified-mark

Amazing ingredients packed in a single gummy

My son has this habit of eating only with his cartoon playing on the mobile. I was really worried about his increased screen time. LJ Eye gummies have been a saviour! He loves the taste & I love the ingredients.. Love how they have no added sugar. Definitely going to reorder.
Prisha Khuranaverified-mark

Highly recommend!

My son has been sleeping really well since some time now! Never thought taking the right supplement could help my son's irregular sleep. Very happy with the results! On the way to order our 2nd pack of these eye gummies..
Seema Kumarverified-mark

Question & Answers

Q. Little Joys Eye Gummies is suitable for what age range?A. Little Joys Eye Gummies are suitable for kids above the age of 2.

Gowri Sodhaniverified-mark


Q. Any side effects of Little Joys Gummies?A. There are no side effects of our multivitamins. Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our gummies contain superior ingredients backed by clinical research, in the exact dosage that your body needs.

Charu Chawlaverified-mark


Q. Are your gummies appropriate for boys and girls?A. Yes. Experts suggest that boys and girls have similar nutritional needs throughout childhood and through their mid-teens. Please consult your paediatrician where appropriate.

Richa Groververified-mark


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