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Multivitamin Fizzy Effervescent Tablets (2-9 years)

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► Pop one of our orange-flavored effervescent tablets into a glass of water, watch it fizz and gulp it down. We've made them dissolvable for digestive ease!

► These plant-based, sugar-free tablets are packed with vitamins and real fruits and veggies.

100% Veg | Pediatrician Recommended | No Side Effects
  • Bone HealthBone Health
  • Brain HealthBrain Health
  • EyesightEyesight
  • ImmunityImmunity
  • Hair & SkinHair & Skin
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Multivitamin Fizzy Effervescent Tablets  (2-9 years)
Multivitamin Fizzy Effervescent Tablets (2-9 years)
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Fizz. Gulp. Repeat.



Our tablets also contain a good dose of Vitamin A from retinyl palmitate to keep your little ones’ eyes protected from long term damage.
Bone Growth & Density

Bone Growth & Density

Your kids’ calcium intake may be high, but are their bodies absorbing the calcium? Vitamin D3 to the rescue!
Brain Health

Brain Health

Our vegan Algal DHA comes directly from flax seeds and works with choline to improve memory, mood, immunity and learning.


Got a bunch of sneezing kids? Don’t worry, our tablets are packed with Vitamin C which is a key antioxidant that increases immunity!
Vitamin AVitamin A

Found in: Carrots, Green leafy vegetables and Eggs

Form: Retinol palmitate

Amount: 510 mcg

Our paediatricians say: Around here we have a saying: Vitamin A everyday keeps the eye-doctors away! And yet it’s amongst the most common deficiencies in preschool children, affecting 62% of kids. For 100% health, we give you 100% of the recommended serving!

Vitamin A
Vitamin D3Vitamin D3

Found in: Fish, mushrooms, cheese, egg yolks etc.

Form: Cholecalciferol (vegetarian source lichen)

Amount: 600 IU

Our paediatricians say: Vitamin D3 is a very underrated mineral for growing children. Your kids may grow out of their clothes, but they'll never grow out of good old natural minerals. For parents with picky children - slip our supplements into their chocolate milk; they'll never know!

Vitamin D3
Vitamin CVitamin C

Found in: Oranges, Amla, strawberry etc.

Form: Ascorbic acid

Amount: 20 mg

Our paediatricians say: Take your Vitamin C to stop bruises to the knee! Vitamin C helps form and repair red blood cells, bones, and tissues. In addition, vitamin C helps cuts and wounds heal, boosts the immune system, and keeps infections at bay.

Vitamin C
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12

Found in: Fish, meats, milk, egg yolk etc.

Form: Cyanocobalamin

Amount: 2.2 mcg

Our paediatricians says: Vitamin B12 is our super mineral. It turns food into energy, which fuels brain development and growth. Most natural B12 is found in animal sources, which is especially good for vegetarians and vegans! As a super mineral, we supply 100% of the recommended serving.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6Vitamin B6

Found in: Poultry, bananas, nuts, meats etc.

Form: Pyridoxine HCL

Amount: 0.6 mg

Our paediatricians says: Your kids may be growing fast but their brains are growing ten times faster. That’s why it’s important to keep their Vitamin B6 levels high. B6 promotes brain development and releases serotonin which improves moods!

Vitamin B6

Found in: Spinach, Mushrooms, Nuts, Meat, etc.

Form: Ferrous fumarate

Amount: 2 mg

Our paediatricians say: Our bodies uses iron to make haemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. Our iron-packed tablets will have your little ones turned into superheroes!


Found in: Turmeric

Form: Curcumin

Amount: 5 mg

Our paediatricians say: Curcumin is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antioxidant. It’s great for your child’s immune system, naturally sourced, and can be mixed into anything!


Found in: Flaxseed

Form: Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Amount: 15 mg

Our paediatricians say: If there was a nutritional hero, it would be DHA. DHA is vital to the brain's structure and may improve learning, memory, immunity and inflammation. Vegetarian kids are significantly deficient in DHA. Our supplement is vegan and is sourced from flaxseed.



High in Awesomeness. Not in Sugar.

Hi! Want to know a secret? Our effervescent tablets are sugar free! Don't believe me? I fact checked all our claims (twice) and it’s true. Most tablets contain a high dosage of sugar that causes kids to have nasty sugar rushes and unhealthy weight changes. But not us! We’re yummy, sugar-free and fully safe for your kids because we know it’s all about the little joys.

Kicking Sugar, Keeping Standards
100% Veg
No Artificial Colours
No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Side effects

How to Use

For kids 2 years or older, drop an effervescent tablet in a glass of water, wait for 2 minutes while watching it fizz, and gulp it down!
How Ria uses Little Joy’s Effervescent Tablets -
"My five-year old has taken complete ownership of her tablets! She’s eager for her daily dose of 1 tablet every day after breakfast before school begins. It’s become a ritual now but I’m not complaining! She’s getting all the nutrients that she refused to eat otherwise."
How Ria uses Little Joy’s Effervescent Tablets -

Questions you should be asking. Answers that we believe must be heard.

What age range is Little Joys effervescent tablets suitable for?

Little Joys effervescent tablets are suitable for every child of age 2 years & above.

Why does my kid need effervescent tablets?

Nutritional deficiencies affect 66% of children. Our sugar-free, gelatin-free, and preservative free tablets combine 12 vitamins and minerals and 4 fruits and veggies to give you safe, plant-based tablets.

Why do your tablets have 0 added sugar?

Sugar is the new bully on the block. Nearly 66.11 per cent of Indian children exhibit abnormally high levels of sugar in their body, which can lead to lifelong problems with childhood development, mental health, obesity, and more.

Happy Kids, Honest Reviews

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Wish for More flavours yum yum...These tablets are easy to have as it dissolves in water and kids love the fruity flavour too. These days when daily meals fall short of complete nutrition, I am satisfied with the product

Priya Shah

verified mark
Finally something healthy kids look forward toFinally a product that needs no convincing to consume! My daughter loved every bit of it! She looks forward to the next day so she can have one more..

Simran Patel

verified mark
Nutrition and hydrationKids love these. Good easy way of getting vitamins.

Aryan Raj

verified mark

Question & Answers

Q. Little Joys effervescent tablets is suitable for what age range?

A. Little Joys effervescent tablets are suitable for kids above the age of 2.

Prerna Sodhaverified mark


Q. Are there any side effects of Little Joys Multivitamin tablets?

A. There are no side effects of our multivitamins. Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our tablets contain superior ingredients backed by clinical research, in the exact dosage that your body needs.

Sneha Chawlaverified mark


Q. Do doctors recommend taking effervescent tablets?

A. Each formula is rigorously reviewed by our team which includes some of the leading minds in preventative health. Our in-house 14 medical professionals have worked to carefully craft and thoughtfully tailor every bottle of Little Joys just for you and the ones you love.

Rishika Ballalverified mark



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