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► For Ages 2-12

► Our DHA Brain Gummies boost memory, concentration and long term brain development!

► Powered by DHA & Choline + with 8 nutrients and 4 delicious fruits and veggies.

► Bonus? It has zero added sugar!

►One pack contains 4 gummies.

No side effects | Pediatrician Recommended
  • Brain HealthBrain Health
  • CognitionCognition
  • MemoryMemory
  • MoodMood
  • Sleep QualitySleep Quality
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Found in: Flaxseed

Form: Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Amount: 15 mg

Our paediatricians say: Omega-3 fatty acids are the rockstars of nutrients. One of them is DHA and it’s vital to learning, memory, immunity and inflammation. Your child may have a brain buzzing with information and DHA will only help them remember r all of it! Our supplement is vegan and is sourced from flaxseed.

Vitamin B12Vitamin B12

Found in: Fish, meats, milk, egg yolk etc.

Form: Cyanocobalamin

Amount: 1.2 mcg

Our paediatricians says: Vitamin B12 is an energy-booster for the brain. It allows the brain’s neurons to communicate and for your body to function healthily! It’s mostly found to naturally occur in animal sources which makes our supplement perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B9Vitamin B9
Found in: Spinach, Kiwi, Nuts, Egg yolk, etc.

Form: Dietary folate

Amount: 68 mcg

Our paediatricians say: Folates is another name for Vitamin B9. It makes healthy blood cells, which in turn allows the brain and nervous system to develop fully.
Vitamin B9

Found in: Fish, Brazil Nuts, Eggs, Broccoli etc.

Our paediatricians say: Selenium is critical for thyroid and cognitive functions in the body. Within the brain, selenium protects against stress and inflammation. It's usually found in seafood and soil-rich foods like nuts, so for those who don't have those in their natural diets, our supplement is ideal.

Kicking Sugar, Keeping Standards
No Added Sugar
100% Veg
No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Side effects

How to Use

One gummy a day, for kids 2 years or older
How Arya uses Little Joy’s Brain Gummy -
"My five-year old is obsessed with her brain gummy and cannot do without it! She rushes to the gummy cabinet every morning before school starts. It’s one of her favourite rituals now and thankfully one that I'm happy about- I mean which parent would not be? She’s getting all the nourishment she needs for her brain development and concentration”
How Arya uses Little Joy’s Brain Gummy -

Happy Kids, Honest Reviews

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Highly recommend!

The gummies have vital nutrients essential for growing children like brain multivitamins, ashwagandha, and DHA. It's good for memory and brain function for kids. My kids absolutely love this fruit flavor. It's very tasty and healthy gummy. Worth purchase. I love this brand!
Simran Sharmaverified-mark

Had been searching for veg DHA supplement

Have been researching for a veg DHA supplement for my kid. Very difficult to find since mostly all are fish oil types. Finally found this and my kid loves it so much. It also has no sugar so great product!
Sneh Shahverified-mark

Doctor recommended. Great for building focus.

Dha is very important for brain development. My doctor had recommended adding it to her diet. Little joys makes giving nutrition really easy as my daughter LOVES her gummies. I feel her focus is improving and she has started to perform better in academics after 2.5 months of giving her one gummy daily.
Hiren Kawaverified-mark

Question & Answers

Q. Little Joys Gummies is suitable for what age range?A. Little Joys Gummies are suitable for kids above the age of 2.

Gauri Sinhaverified-mark


Q. Any side effects of Little Joys Gummies?A. There are no side effects of our multivitamins. Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our gummies contain superior ingredients backed by clinical research, in the exact dosage that your body needs.

Charu Chawlaverified-mark


Q. Are your gummies appropriate for boys and girls?A. Yes. Experts suggest that boys and girls have similar nutritional needs throughout childhood and through their mid-teens. Please consult your paediatrician where appropriate.

Richa Groververified-mark


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