Chyawanprash Gummies Imli Flavour (30N)

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Finally, chyawanprash your kid will love!

💪🏻 Zero added sugar immunity-strengthening gummies with 43 natural herbs

🍈 Contains Amla and Ashwagandha for improved immunity protection from common infections

🌱 Bridges vitamin deficiencies and boosts overall health

😋Tasty khatta-meetha imli flavoured supplements

🧸 Fun gummy form makes it a perfect alternative to tonics, capsules or pulp base

30 Gummies | No side effects | Paediatrician Recommended
  • ImmunityImmunity
  • Overall HealthOverall Health
  • Hair HealthHair Health
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Boosts Immunity

Boosts Immunity

Each gummy is enriched with 48 herbs that help build your child's immunity and protect from common coughs and colds.
Better Hair Health

Better Hair Health

The texture of your baby's hair changes over time. Better nourishment = better texture. These gummies are enriched with Amla and Brahmi, popular herbs are known to improve hair health. Regular use helps boost hair thickness and volume.
Overall Health

Overall Health

Regular consumption of these gummies strengthens your immunity and improves digestion and excretion
100% Safe

100% Safe

These gummies are free of added sugar, 100% Vegan, and free of artificial colours, flavours, GMOs and gelatin. Each ingredient is clinically proven for safety and efficacy.
Chyawan ConcentrateChyawan Concentrate

Our paediatricians say:A blend of Ayurvedic herbs that help shield from common infections by boosting immunity

Chyawan Concentrate

Our paediatricians say: Brahmi is a potent Ayurvedic ingredient known to improve hair health by boosting follicle health.

FOS BaseFOS Base

Our paediatricians say: Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are oligosaccharides that occur naturally in plants and are the best known prebiotics. The name sounds long, but its effects are immediate and protects you against a host of tummy issues!

FOS Base
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Kicking Sugar, Keeping Standards
No Added Sugar
100% Veg
No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Side effects

How to Use

My kid uses Little Joys Chyawanprash Gummies
My girl's immunity was a bit of a worry. I have used these gummies as an addition to her routine has seen a definite boost in energy and health. I think overall health, anyway, takes a long to show complete results - I'm waiting for it.

Questions you should be asking. Answers that we believe must be heard.

What age range is Little Joys Chyawanprash Gummies suitable for?

Little Joys Chyawanprash Gummies are suitable for every child of age 2 years & above.

How many gummies are there in one pack of Little Joys Chyawanprash Gummies?

A single pack of Little Joys Chyawanprash Gummies contain 30 gummies

How many gummies should my child eat every day?

We recommend one gummy a day. Each gummy has been created to help fill daily nutritional gaps and includes the highest-quality nutrients available in forms that your body prefers and can easily digest.

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Question & Answers

Q. Does this replace any essential meals?A. This gummy acts as nutritional supplement and not a replacement to their regular meals.

Gowri Sodhaniverified mark


Q. Are there any side effects of consuming Chyawanprash Gummies?A. There are no side effects of our gummies. Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our gummies contain superior ingredients backed by clinical research in the exact dosage that your child's body needs.

Charu Chawlaverified mark


Q. If there is no added sugar, won't this gummy be bitter?A. These gummies have natural ingredients and a natural flavour, which add to the sweetness. All the goodness without the worry of nasties!

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